February 24, 2018: Criminal Law Review

Date: Saturday, February 24, 2018

Location: Charlotte/Durham,NC and Live Webinar

Time: 8:55am – 4:15pm

Credits: 5 General and 1 Substance Abuse CLE hour

Price: $150 on or before 01/24/18; $200 thereafter

Attorney Idrissa Smith will discuss representing clients who are subject to habitual felon status. We will define and explain cases and statutes that allow for enhanced sentencing.

Attorney Idrissa Smith will review a sample trial notebook and discuss the best way to organize it and present it to the court.

Attorney Christon Halkiotis will discuss the laws regarding the sex offender registry.

Attorney Frank Lay will elaborate on sexual abuse.

Attorney Timothy Peterkin will discuss issues of mental health awareness amongst attorneys.

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