October 21, 2017: Criminal Defense Review

Date: Saturday, October 21,  2017

Time: 9:00am – 1:45pm

Credits: 3 General CLE hours and 1 Substance Abuse CLE hour

Price: $145 on or before 09/26/17; $165 on or before 10/06/17; $185 thereafter

We will review a sample trial notebook and discuss the best way to organize it and present it to the court.

We will discuss representing clients who are subject to habitual felon status. We will define and explain cases and statutes that allow for enhanced sentencing.

We will elaborate on reportable offenses, Static 99’s and bring back hearings. He will explore the options for monitoring defendants during the pendency of the trial and discuss the implications that clients must consider when being presented with these options. He will address updates in the law and state policies that impact the options that the defendants have to consider.

We will discuss the role of attorneys as advocates and how that may lead to overexertion, in an attempt to be zealous. We will address the stereotypes of attorneys and how some attorneys may seek to overcompensate for these stereotypes by overworking themselves. We will address specific tools to make sure there is a balance between maintaining diligence for our clients and having a healthy lifestyle.

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