December 31, 2018: End of Year Live Webinars

Date: Monday, December 31, 2018

Time: 7:45am – 4:30pm

Credits: 4 General, 1 Ethics, & 1 Substance Abuse CLE hour

Live Webinar: $99 on or before 12/17/18; $125 thereafter

Attorney Timothy Peterkin will elaborate on the need for a work/life balance.

Attorney Idrissa Smith will elaborate on sex crimes. He will discuss dealing with child victims, protective orders, reviewing explicit or uncomfortable discovery with client/family, and extraordinary mitering factors.

Attorney Blagrove will discuss 2018 NC Legislative updates to criminal laws. There have been many changes to the laws this year that will give different remedies to the accused, including issues regarding court costs, expungements, etc.

Attorney Timothy Peterkin will discuss case law and statutory provisions that will assist in defending clients who have been charged as accessories before and after the fact. He will explore the NC cases that show how to successfully represent clients and what viable defenses are available.

Attorney Timothy Peterkin with provide a summary of the most recent US Supreme Court Opinions that addressed criminal law matters, including ineffective assistance counsel and probable cause and fourth amendment challenges. He will discuss how these cases can help criminal defense attorneys develop appropriate strategies to more effectively represent criminal defendants.

Attorney Antoine Marshall will elaborate on legal ethics that arise in social media. He will address avoidable pitfalls when posting on social media. He will elaborate on your responsibility to your clients and why it is important to be mindful that social media is public communication. He will also address ethic opinions from the NC Bar regarding social media usage and technology.

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