December 8, 2018: DWI Review

Date: Saturday, December 8, 2018

Time: 9:00am – 3:15pm

Credits: 5 general CLE hours

Price: Live Webinar: $85

Attorney Daniel Meier will discuss filed sobriety tests. He will explain the best ways to examine an officer regarding the manner the tests were conducted. He will review the common errors that are made when administering the tests to the accused.

Attorney Marcus Hill will discuss evaluating DWI cases and sentencing. There are strategies that will assist the defendants in getting more favorable sentences and he will explain how to create the best case scenarios for the defendants.

We will discuss immigration implications of DWIs. She will explain what pitfalls exist for the defendants if they are convicted of a DWI, even with a PJC.

We will take a comprehensive look at some of the cases decided by the NC Appellate courts within the last 2 years that have addressed DWI check points, the 5th Amendment, and blood samples.

Attorney Georgia Nixon will discuss the jury selection process for DWI cases and elaborate on strategies for jury selection that are unique to DWI trials.

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