December 28, 2018: End of Year Live Video Replay 2018

Date: Friday, December 28, 2018

Time: 8:00am – 9:15pm

Credits: 10 general, 2 ethics, and 1 substance abuse CLE hour

Hotel Indigo, 151 Tatum Drive, Durham, NC 27703: $179 until 11/26/18; $199 until 12/14/19; $249

Family Law Session 8:00am-2:20pm
5 General and 1 Ethics CLE hour

Attorney Shelley Brown will elaborate on basic divorce and custody pleadings.

Attorney Timothy Peterkin will review child support establishment, preparation and presentation of the case.

Attorney Shelia Huggins will provide a discussion on social media in employment cases. She will review business and legal implications. She will elaborate on how to develop your social media policy for employers that balances the interest of the employer and the first amendment rights of the employee.

Criminal Law Session 2:45pm-9:15pm
5 General and 1 Ethics CLE hour

Attorney Jason Lunsford will address the rules and procedures surrounding clients when have been involuntarily committed. He will discuss what to do when the client objects to the commitment. How does an attorney adequately represent a client whose competence is being challenged? He will discuss strategies for finding the best solution for the client.

Attorney Idrissa Smith will elaborate on sex crimes. He will discuss dealing with child victims, protective orders, reviewing explicit or uncomfortable discovery with client/family, and extraordinary mitering factors.

Attorney Kimberly Lott will discuss digital forensics and how to obtain, understand and effectively use this information to advocate for your clients.

Attorney Timothy Peterkin with provide a summary of the most recent US Supreme Court Opinions that addressed criminal law matters, including ineffective assistance counsel and probable cause and fourth amendment challenges. He will discuss how these cases can help criminal defense attorneys develop appropriate strategies to more effectively represent criminal defendants.

Mr. Craig Petronella will elaborate on cybersecurity threats. He will discuss how to effectively protect clients personal information,

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