Privacy Statement:  No information is shared or tracked through our website. None of your personal information is ever shared with third parties.

Refunds: We have a no refund policy. However, if you need to cancel a registration for a program, we will apply a credit towards a future course, as long as it is taken within 90 days of the original course.  A $15.00 transfer fee will be applied. If you were given a discount code, you must apply that discount code when you are completing the transaction. A discount code will not be applied retroactively. If your discount code is not working, you should call or e-mail us before completing the transaction.

Promotions: Occasionally, LTTP offers promotions for certain events.  You cannot combine promotional offers. If you have purchased a course or package and we announce a different promotion within 48 hours of your purchase, upon your request, we will allow you to retroactively apply this promotion to your purchase. You must make this request no later than 48 hours after the announcement of the promotion.

Cancellation Policy: Sometimes, LTTP has to cancel or change the date of an event due to unforeseen circumstances, including, but not limited to, inclement weather, CLE speaker emergency, etc.  If LTTP has to cancel or change the date of an event, all attendees will receive an e-mail and a phone call to alert them of the change as soon as possible. A $25.00 credit will be applied to the attendees’ account. The attendees will be able to attend the rescheduled CLE, watch the video of the course or apply the purchase price of the rescheduled CLE to another CLE. If the attendees do not exercise any of these options within 120 days of the cancellation of the course, they forfeit these options and will receive no refund.

Law to the People, LLC is a limited liability company created in the State of North Carolina. LTTP may be reached in writing at the following address:

Law to the People, LLC

Post Office Box 228

Red Springs, NC 28377